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Rules of Engagement

Topic: Employee Engagement Mythbusting

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Employee engagement is growing into one of the leading concepts of the HR world. With the growth of this concept's influence, however, there has also been a sharp increase in common misconceptions surrounding the topic. Our editor Daniel Hannig hosts this event and interviews Jonas Jankus, our Head of People Operations and expert on the matter. 

Jonas debunks myths in the field on employee happiness, job satisfaction, motivation, and more, and explains in detail what employee engagement actually contains.

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Jonas Jankus

Jonas Jankus

Head of People at Honestly

As a University Lecturer in Work Psychology and People Operations professional, Jonas smartly combines in-depth academic expertise with hands-on experience. With his passion for the human side of business, he inspires organizations to grow into thriving workplaces built around culture and purpose. His motto “making work work” drives him every day. 

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