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Rules of Engagement

Topic: Why do people leave their jobs?

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The second episode of our webinar series Rules of Engagement deals with two key questions:

Why do people leave their jobs, and what can you do to prevent this?

Every organization faces turnover, so you are not alone in dealing with this challenge. What makes the difference is understanding why your talent is leaving and turning this knowledge into a smart retention strategy. Our very own expert Jonas Jankus addresses the key reasons for people leaving their jobs. Additionally, Jonas discusses general strategies for effective employee retention.

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Jonas Jankus

Jonas Jankus

Head of People at Honestly

As a University Lecturer in Work Psychology and People Operations professional, Jonas smartly combines in-depth academic expertise with hands-on experience. With his passion for the human side of business, he inspires organizations to grow into thriving workplaces built around culture and purpose. His motto “making work work” drives him every day. 

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